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Welcome to Island Seafood - Established 1993

Mark Barlow and Randy Townsend met at the Portsmouth Fishermen's Coop in 1985. Randy was the senior accountant (starting in 1984) and Mark was the operations manager (starting in 1981). Randy, with a dream of running his own business and Mark's knowledge of the seafood markets opened Island Seafood (ISF) in 1993 with two pick-up trucks and two 1200lb holding tanks. They began selling live graded Maine lobster to local restaurants and other local lobster pounds.

As the business grew, working space shrinking and our shipments expanding within the US and international markets, it became difficult to service the local Lobstermen. In 2000 Mark and Randy saw the need for a full service lobster buying station, so they acquired a building on Badgers Island in Kittery Maine to sell bait to local fisherman and purchase more Maine lobster.

Over the 9 years they were at the 32 Badgers Island West, ISF's holding capacity grew to 50,000lbs. In 2002 ISF purchased over 7 acres in Eliot Maine and built a warehouse with 80,000lbs holding capacity, ample room to pack and ship lobster. By 2007 the third building was completed and our refrigerated holding capacity now currently is at 230,000lbs. This move has enabled us to not only meet the growing needs of our customers but making our warehouses quick and convenient with professionalism from start to finish. ISF facilities meet all FDA and HACCP standards and in 2010 we were one of the first in Maine to become TSA approved to meet all screened cargo shipment needs.

Our dedicated and knowledgeable staff is what makes ISF's quality stand above the rest when shipping Live Maine and Canadian Lobster. In 2002 Tim Sullivan joined ISF; he bought his first lobster boat in 1973. Tim has fished commercially as well as managed shipping facilities for international and domestic shipping, operated lobster pounds, and has also designed, constructed, and maintained several holding systems in the US, Canada and Europe. In 2008 John DeAngelis joined the ISF family; in 1989 he began from the ground up, building holding tanks, shipping and receiving product, and all hands on plant operations. In 1995 he was exposed to packaging which is an intricate part of the seafood industry. 1998 brought him back to the lobster industry as an operations manager purchasing lobsters. Currently John has brought all of his skills to ISF from being a hands-on operations manager to purchasing and selling lobsters.

Island Seafood is a leader in the shipping of excellent Maine and Canadian Lobster. We have two quality shifts - the first ISF crew separates the lobsters for shell quality and sizes, ships domestically and preps for the next crew to hand pick the highest quality lobster for our international customers. We specialize in all forms of shipping methods from containers to loose freight to building insulated pallets. We make daily trips to Boston cargo facilities and trucking transfer stations. Island Seafood is just two miles off of Interstate 95, convenient to Boston and all points north.

Island Seafood would like to be your Live Lobster Specialist!